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Gel is not the same as acrylic or nail extensions. No extensions are used and your nails will be the same length as you come in with.

The purpose of Gel overlays is to provide you with a ‘non-chip, longer lasting manicure’ rather than ‘false nails’. It is a semi-permanent nail colour that does not chip or wear away and will last for approximately 3 weeks. It is simply a few layers of Gel painted over your natural nail to produce a strong overlay which hardens and protects the nail plate.

During application onto your own natural nail, there is no dust, fumes or odour. It comes in a variety of colours, French or clear finish. It helps promote your own nail to grow with a strong yet flexible finish. The gel is removed every few weeks when regrowth shows at the back of the nail and a fresh application is required.

Gel Overlays (finger or toe nails)

£30Colour Gel Overlays

£25Clear Gel Overlays

£3Nail repair, per nail


These are required every 2 to 4 weeks as the natural growth of your nails advances to show fresh nail surface.

£24Colour Refills

Gel Removal

£20Soak Off and manicure

£35Soak Off and Overlays

Gel nails?

A holistic approach to gel nails, our Gel is a one component nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. Much kinder on your nails than acrylics. Great for holidays, weddings and honeymoons.