Lava Shells

Lava shells

Lava Shells

Indulge in sensory delight!

This revolutionary and unique treatment uses original smooth Tiger Clam shells from the South Pacific that are polished and heated to deliver a seamless treatment tailored to your individual needs.

The warm smooth shells glide effortlessly over your body and face with varying pressures and techniques. This allows the deepest aches and pains to be reached, creating a synergy of warmth, relaxation and beauty.

Lava Shell Thermal Facial

Here at Shining Waters we are proud to offer you a truly relaxing and unique Lava Shell Thermal Facial treatment. Together with Spa Find Renewed Radiance facial products the Lava Shell Thermal Facial helps soothe away all your stress and tension leaving you feeling totally relaxed.

Lava Shells Facial

Thermal Facial massage

The Lava Shell Thermal Facial incorporates a foot soak using Dead Sea mineral salts prior to your facial. This is so you can gain the maximum effects from all the minerals in the products. They are totally natural so your body only absorbs the minerals it is in need of, such as magnesium to de-stress you, iodine to help detoxify you and assist weight loss, sulphur to help your body fight off bacterial, viral and fungal infections, calcium to help promote healthy skin, bromide to help you relax and finally potassium to help regulate your body water content and keep you hydrated.

As seen on ITV This Morning — the must-have celebrity treatment!

You then will receive a facial which incorporates a neck, shoulder and head massage as well as a triple lava lift facial massage.

1½ hour Thermal Facial treatment £40

The Lava shell facial is wonderful. Afterwards my skin was glowing and I gained an unexpected benefit as the puffiness under my right eye just disappeared. It’s relaxing and pampering and I will be having one again soon. Liz, you’re a saviour!


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People will not always remember what you said,
people will not always remember what you did,
but people will always remember how you made them feel.

Tropic Skincare

Now offering Tropic Skincare facials. Check out Facebook page Tropic Skincare with Liz at Shining Waters, for further details. Book your one to one consultation to receive your free mini facial so you can try before you buy.